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New campaign for 2015

We are starting a new campaign for 2015 -

30 Days to Spring into Health

Check it out and donate during the month of April 2015!



If you missed the opportunity to donate during the campaign,

you can still support us by clicking HERE

If you want to volunteer, click HERE

For more information, visit our WEBSITE


Between August 1 and August 23, with your help we provided health care for over 150 people with more than 200 visits, saving our patients (and our community) more than $14,000 that they couldn’t afford otherwise.  Just this month, our providers have seen

  • a newly-homeless man who’s been without his asthma and diabetes medications for weeks;
  • a patient who, afraid of the cost, has delayed treatment for a hernia for over 10 years.
  • Frequent complaints such as high blood pressure, wheezes, lumps and bumps, abcessed teeth, and thyroid problems
  • Lyme Disease on the rise
  • twice as many patients seeking pre-employment physicals than usual (thanks to one of our Physician Assistants who is helping us with an extra shift)
  • patients with chronic pain, referred for five weeks of massage therapy with Fingerlakes School of Massage students on their clinical rotation right here

With another $5,000, we can continue this much needed service. Please make a donation!

Be a Health Ally and support the Ithaca Free Clinic!

The ITHACA FREE CLINIC, operated by the Ithaca Health Alliance,  provides free integrative medical and holistic care using 100% volunteer providers for people who have no health insurance or cannot afford holistic care. The majority of people depending on the safety net provided by the Clinic are employed, but still do not have access to affordable health care. In the last two years, we have had unexpected cuts from several major funding sources, yet the demand for our services has grown faster than ever. Just this past June we served a record-breaking number of patients and provided 320 visits, a 150% increase from the 2011-2012 monthly average.

We urgently need your help to continue meeting this increased demand. We are thrilled to team up with Peaks to launch our first crowdfunding campaign to strengthen the Alliance and the grassroots healthcare safety net that people deserve.

By making a generous donation by August 31st, you can Be a Health Ally and safeguard the health options of more than 1,300 area residents each year in and around Tompkins County, NY through our innovative programs. All money raised will help ensure expanded delivery of Ithaca Free Clinic services, including primary medical care, pre-employment physicals, women’s health, mental health, herbal medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, occupational therapy, nutrition counseling and more. Please help us by chipping in whatever you can, or even becoming a Champion for our cause!

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$16,661 raised
$10000 goal

Tompkins County, New York
15 Champions
200 Contributions
Campaign Complete.